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Independent Wealth Management, Investment and Custody Services
Sardona Group AG is an independent asset management firm regulated by the FMA in Liechtenstein. We offer traditional investment and wealth management services for our European and international clients and an integrated platform for other EAM’s.

What We Stand For

Our Promise

Sardona Group AG is an FMA regulated asset management company which offers not only classic asset management services, but also traditional private banking services to all EU clients and an integrated platform for other external asset managers looking for various booking centers.

We are direct investors and operate without any benchmark to optimize risk and return within our long term investment approach.

Direct Investments

We invest directly in bonds, equities, commodities and specific EFTs, and in special cases in other funds. This allows us to implement our strategy in a cost efficient way and with low operating risks.


We follow a bottom-up approach and believe in market inefficiency. We look closely at trends at a global, regional and local level and choose to invest in specific themes.

No Benchmark

As a boutique asset manager, we are performance oriented in absolute terms and do not follow a specific benchmark. This reduces our portfolio risk and helps to achieve long-term performance.

Long-Term View

Our personal relationship is driven by professionalism, trust and continuity. These are the same drivers behind the investment strategy we choose together with the client. Full transparency in terms of cost and investment hold real value for us. We focus on a long-term relationship with long-term investment strategy.

Our Services

Explore What We Offer

We strive to serve all of our clients, whether individuals or corporations, in a personalized manner with empathy and honesty. We form strategic plans based on your ideas and needs in order to transform them into high performing results.

Wealth Management

One of the main objectives is to define a diversified and overall clear and cost-efficient investment strategy structure of your family wealth and assets based on the risk, time horizon and needs. This also includes a consolidation of all the assets in all other financial institutions and banks.

Asset Services

As a professional we offer you a Luxembourg fund platform, custody service, trading facilities and an international platform for external manager/advisor depending on your individual needs.

Platform for External Advisors

As an external or independent advisor you can profit from various different booking centers around the world and an international network of financial experts and advisors.

Where We Originate

Our History

Sardona Group AG is part of a international financial Group called Sardona Group who has its roots in Zurich and has presence in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, USA and Panama. Sardona Group is 100% private owned and offers wealth management, asset services, trading services and custody solutions. Sardona Clients can choose from Sardona’s international platform in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, USA and Panama.

All partners have a long term track record in private banking, in-depth expertise in various fields within the banking, financial industry and are fully committed to traditional Swiss private banking services.

Through the professional experience of its partners and employees combined with the various booking centers and international presence as well a broad network of experts and firms around the world, Sardona Group combines the advantage of a small independent financial group with an international presence and multiple solutions.